Erdship project in Payamlı/izmir/Turkey

A house made of recycled materials like ship wood, tires, bottles, cans and plastic, styrofoam packing materials and loads of clay dirt and a bit of cement with "Tony"

Freedom! we have moved to Izmir and found a beautiful peace of land 10 km up a hill over Güzelbahçe. The air is clean and the people are nice here!

The plan is to move to the land, built a farm and live a sustainable life in a foodforest designed after Permaculture issues. 

Our land has grapes, figs, almonds, olives and some other fruit trees. What we need is a house there.

I have found loads of information about Earthships by the architect Michael Reynolds and I have decided to built that type of building with tires and recycled materials myself.

Our Earthship will produce its own energy and won't need a heating system because of the insulation of the earth berm around it. 

The project has started in august 2013 with 3 local workers of the village. Filling tires with heavy sledgehammers in the summerheat of izmir at 40 degrees Celsius is INSANE. so the Helpers came every 3 days and finally had some more excuses not to come. Fine with me, I need helpers, not workers...

I searched for helpers at www.workaway.infoand and found my first helpers. It makes so much more fun to work with friends rather than with staff.

There are so many people from all over the world who are interested in projects like these, so we had to rent a house in the village just 200 meters from the land as a guesthouse. This house has 3 rooms and a kitchen, there is a cote for sheeps and goats and a chicken stable in a beautiful garden. the terrace has a gorgeous view anyway.

This fb page is for documenting this project and to keep in touch with all the great people from all over the world.

I hope you will put in some photos as well.

viva la green revolution